Hiya and welcome to my little space on the world wide web.  Let's see...I'm never good at these things, so I gotta just jump right into it.  I'm a little lady, short and sweet, trying to figure things out in my 30s with my hubby + dog + bunny + god-kitty.  Life is tough for us sometimes but also wonderful and challenging (in a good way).
I started this blog a bunch of years ago as a place to share my creative projects and moments of my everyday life, but like everything, I aim for perfection and therefore, have always struggled to maintain this blog and keep it on a regular schedule and focus.  (Soo many ideas but so little time!) 

I've previously been on scrapbook design teams for Practical Scrappers and Nerd Nest.  I really truly believe in telling stories + taking photos.  These two subjects are so near and dear to my heart, and are my true passion.

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