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HELLO and welcome!  So what about me?  I'm just a girl, in my late 20s, living in a Midwest town in USA, trying to figure out life and the bigger picture.  I am wife to my super cool & hot hubby, and we have three furry demons: two buns (Murphy and Maria), and a Chow Chow (Cocoa).

I started this blog a bunch of years ago as a place to share my creative projects and moments of my everyday life. I was given the nickname "Kelster Jean" from my sister and it has stuck ever since. I previously designed for Practical Scrappers and hosted the Just Two Midwest Girls challenges with my friend, Heather.  Last year, my blog made its next transition into a .com site (eeeek!) when I began focusing more on documenting life's big and small moments.

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What will you find here?  Real stories. Inspiration and a passion for memory-keeping and freezing moments in time.  And some fun crafting ideas.  Here's a few posts that you may enjoy that best showcase what I'm all about:
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