hi blog world...i miss you so.

HELLLLOOOO OUT THERE!! Does this thing still work?! Hi blog world...I miss you so, and I'm back...for now.

I have been feeling a lot lately that I really really miss blogging, for various reasons.  I think I've always struggled with blogging, and have always tried to turn it into a full time gig, so I never really stopped to enjoy it for what it was. (Overdoing everything is my specialty!)

When I used to read blogs a lot more, I'd look like the photo above: laying in bed in my PJs for an hour or so every day, catching up on the latest posts, saving some to Pinterest.  I didn't spend my time endlessly scrolling on Instgram.  I'd spend my time reading blog posts, which made me feel slightly more productive because I was learning something from the posts I was reading (i.e. not a waste of time!)

Here are a few reasons I feel I'm missing blogging:
  1. I've always been some kind of writer, whether it be journaling or writing in my pink furry diary with a locket on it or on my blog.  I haven't been writing much lately besides journaling I do for my scrapbook pages.
  2. I used to use my fancy camera AAALLL the time!  It was glued to me like an extension of my body. I always preferred using my big camera over a phone camera, any day. I even went so far as to buy a new Cannon a year or two ago when my Nikon had spots on the mirror that just couldn't get cleaned out. Now it's just sitting in the camera bag, collecting dust.
  3. I used to actually take the time to set up photos and make them look "blog-worthy."  Granted this could easily turn into an obsession + anxiety to have "perfect photos," but still.  It challenged me to look at things from new angles and take better photos, staged or not.
  4. Social media posts are limited to characters.  (I don't know how much it is for Instagram posts, but I believe it's around 1,000).  With blogs, you can talk and vent and share everything you have on a certain subject and voila, no limitations!  I also feel like you get better connected with people through blogs than through floods of Instagram posts.  (Seriously, I feel so disconnected from people even on my own friends' lists sometimes because there's just soooo much there and sooo little time).
So that's kinda it.  Just lots of thoughts that have been stored up in my brain lately.  I think it might be nice to just come here and write again, maybe share a few photos, maybe share a project I recently created, or things I like at the moment, and just get it out.  And I just love (and have always loved) the idea of having an outlet that is just for me, my space where I can share and just put whatever I want down and no one can tell me it doesn't belong, because this is my space, dammit!

So that's kinda it.  I'm thinking I'll probably be on here more here and there.  And I'm writing for myself mostly but also to share what's going on and if you read and maybe even leave me a lovely comment, that would be phenomenal!


PS: I like PSs.  

PPS: How do you feel on the subject of blogging?  Are you still blogging?  Do you still love it?  Can you take it or leave it?  I'd love to know!

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship w/ blogging... sometimes I love being able to rattle on and on and on, and sometimes I hate feeling like I HAVE to write so much (yes, HAVE TO... cuz there's so much space!). SO I take breaks here and there and try not to overwhelm my brain w/ writing a lot if I truly don't want to... like anything in life it sort of ebbs and flows.
    Anyway, glad to see you back! Hope to see more, but don't make yourself crazy! ::wink::!


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