project life - week one | and my first process video!!

Week 1 of Project Life is done and in the books already.  Woot woot!!! I meant to share a post about my plans for documenting 2018, and I still definitely plan to do that in another post, but I couldn't wait to share my Week One of Project, Life...and my first process video!!!

(doing an insanely embarrassing Carlton-like happy dance!!!)

I've been getting a little braver each time I record a video, and so I decided to give a process video a shot.  I'm a really slow scrapbooker, so I basically had all my photos + products ready to go so that way I wasn't spending all my on-screen time making decisions and picking things out.

Check out my first process video and leave me some love!!

And here's a look at my full page layout.  I go into details about this page and the stories behind them in my video (that I hope you checked out!)  I really enjoyed creating this page and I'm super excited to be doing Project Life again!

Thank you so much for looking and watching!
Kelly Jean

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