Monday, May 29, 2017

So far for Week in the Life (WITL), I am:
1) take photos: CHECK!
2) document words and stories: CHECK!
3) upload photos: CHECK!
4) blog about words + photos for the entire week: CHECK!
5) order products to help document WITL: CHECK!

The Week in the Life project is such a long, multi-task project, and so far I haven't finished one completely.  (I attempted only in 2014 and it was an epic fail and I haven't tried since).  But I think about what Ali said about finishing: it pays off the most when you are done and have all the Week in the Life documentations to look back on.

That is what I am really aiming for!  To finish this and be able to look back on this next year when I attempt WITL again...and in a few years when I have a collection of WITLs.  And I can see what has changed and what hasn't.

Today I am sharing the products I ordered to use to help me document WITL 2017.  I was very selective about what I ordered because one of my goals this year is to use lots of my stash.  I have lots of past Story kits that are perfect for everyday documenting.

1) Storytelling Stamp set.  I looked at a few different stamps from Ali Edwards and loved this one the most (hubby too!) because it had lots of different phrases + Mon-Fri stamps + would be the most versatile in re-using.  (This was originally from the Storytelling workshop and is now available for individual sale).

2) Acrylic paint.  I bought more paint because I have a handful of silk screens that I love but need more paints to use them with.  (Thanks Dad for getting them for me as my Secret Santa for Christmas!!)  The Pendleton + Black Butte + St. Helens came in a group you could purchase together (found in the Christmas products).  The Cascade was then purchased separately.  I can't wait to use these!!!

3) Color Theory Album - 9x12 Clean Slate.  After looking around for lots of album options, I decided to give the Sttudio Calico (SC) 9x12 album a try.  I've never purchased SC albums before + have never scrapbooked 9x12 before, so I'm excited for the challenge + to give their albums a try.  (I ended up with two, so I might use one to finally document our concerts + memorabilia!)

So that's all I ordered. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but I definitely want to make a dent in the stash that I have.

My next steps are to start ordering some of my photos!  I think I'm going to order from Persnickety Prints versus the 1-hour Target photos I usually order, because I would like these to be a little better quality and I'll have more size options.


PS:  I've been sharing lots of videos and photos on my Instagram stories if you wanna check it out!  I shared details on all of the products above and even showed some of the silk screens I have.  (You can find me by clicking the icon above (if you're on a computer) or search my name @kelsterjean).  See ya there!

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