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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!!!  Wishing a happy day to all of the mothers, moms, grandmas, aunts, dads who are like moms, fur moms, those hoping and praying to be moms, those struggling to become moms, and each and everyone in between!

Last Mother's Day was a little tough for me because it came shortly after the news of our first failed IVF.  Not easy.  I have never felt like I didn't want to celebrate this Hallmark holiday until that day.  Major bummer.

This year, I am doing much better (yah!) and am celebrating Mother's Day with both of the Moms in my life.  Yesterday we went to a dance show that featured Irish dancers and other fun performances.  So cool and fun!  I feel so lucky that I can spend time with both of my Moms at the same time and they get along and enjoy each other's company and care for each other.  That's something so special right there.

I created these two cards last weekend during National Scrapbook Day (NSD).  Studio Calico had a bunch of fun challenges for NSD, including a card sketch.  It was so fun to just have some time to create and play with supplies!

I really enjoyed trying this watercolor technique too!  (Inspiration from the video related to the card sketch).  I was supposed to use a different sentiment for the card above (one I really liked too!) but unfortunately I splattered paint on it and it looked like crap after that.  Grrrr for accidents.  Oh well, still turned out nice I think!

I hope everyone is having/had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some good mom time!


PS: If you have any questions about products used, please leave them in the comments and I will give you the info if I know it.  Thanks!!

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