words first = documenting Week in the Life.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I decided at the very last minute this morning that I was going to participate in Week in the Life (WITL).

The last time (and first time) I participated in WITL was in August of 2014.  I wasn't super successful in this project the first go-around.  I took waaaayyyy too many photos and had way too much content to sort through.  It was pretty damn overwhelming.  And I haven't done it since.

But reading Ali's posts + listening to her talk on the podcast inspired me to give it another go.  There were things I absolutely loved about WITL.  Photos I absolutely loved.  And I think it's in part because of that project I learned to appreciate and fall in love with everyday moments and details.

So I'm approaching it words first.  (Which is an absolutely struggle for me, because my first instinct has always been "take a photo of that!")  I took only a few photos this Monday, including the one above of our Cocoa girl.

I want to focus on the words + details + stories.

And I'm hoping that approaching it this way will lead me to a more successful Week in the Life documentation that I will love AND finish.  Crossing my fingers!


PS: Are you documenting your week this week?  Let me know so I can check it out!

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