Week in the Life | Wednesday + Thursday's photos and words.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in and check out my Week in the Life posts.  I sooo appreciate it!  Today I'm sharing Wednesday + Thursday's photos and words.

A few quick notes:
I loved that I tried some different angles to take photos.  This is one of the things Ali encourages to try, and I LOVED the result of some of the photos.
Also, the photos I'm sharing have very little editing and most were not edited at all.  I have a small obsession with editing photos, and at one point used to edit even the most "perfect" of photos, even if it meant adding a little brightness or contrast.  I'm trying to break this habit and just appreciate photos how they come out.

Wednesday, April 19th
For Wednesday's words, I used the prompt "around here..." to help tell my stories.

  • around here, alarms go off several times (several being a severe understatement).  Hubby has several that go off throughout the morning to get him up and out the door.  I have only one that gets snoozed a few times...
  • around here, our office on the 4th floor is pretty quiet today.  There are so many empty offices (empty of people, not stuff) and both of my attorneys are out.  Occasionally, someone will wander up here from our other offices to drop something off and grab some candy.
  •  around here, the weather has been so cattywampus (borrowing one of hubby's fav words).  Today it's pouring.  I think I remember April being like this (it snowed on our wedding day, April 1st).
  • around here, podcasts are usually playing on my drive home, and usually Lead Singer Syndrome.  I love music in the morning to pump me up for work, but love podcasts in the afternoon to help me unwind on the drive home.

  • around here, we sit down to dinner together, almost every night.  I make a mental note often of how much I appreciate this (as opposed to a few years ago when hubby was on 2nd shift and we rarely saw each other).
  • around here, we try to keep up.  It's a struggle.  For 2 people and 2 furry children, we sure create a lot of clutter.  Hubby washes/dries the laundry and I fold and we both put away.  I do dishes and he runs the dishwasher.  We both help with the furries.  I have always loved how much of a team we are.  Always.

Thursday, April 20th
For Thursday's words, I used the prompt "most days/some days."  (This is a prompt Ali has used before that I love!)

Most days there are alarms going off every couple minutes from the time we wake up through the time hubby leaves.  Some days we beat the alarms, but most days, we do not.

Most days I (and we) make it a point to say Good Morning and Goodbye to the bunny with a few snuggles so she doesn't feel left out.  Some days she doesn't get as much attention as the dog (who has needed alot more attention in the last few months).

Most days my job is a crazy whirlwind of too much work and not enough time.  Some days I'm in control of my To Dos and tasks; most days I'm not.  (And the reason for that face is because I was in mid-belting out tunes! :)

Most days I call hubby as soon as I get out of work and we great each other with "freeeedommm!!!"  Some days we talk all the way home and some days I call other people and sometimes I just don't want to talk to anyone and listen to things.

Most days when I pull in the garage and walk into the kitchen, hubby is finishing cooking dinner and playing some kind of music.  (We're all about that lately!  Today it's bands from the upcoming Warped Tour).

Some days we're exhausted after work and a drink is soooo necessary.  Most days, it's Shiner Boch (our ultimate fav) or hard cider.  Some days we remember that we have tons of cozies collected that we can use.  Today it's the Hawks jersey cozies because it's Game 4 of the playoffs against the Predators.

Some days we get a little hostile when watching hockey!

Some days, moods can change so quickly...
(this pertains to the Blackhawks losing + being swept by Nashville + the end of their season, and also because baby announcements always sting, at least a tiny bit, when you're dealing with infertility.)

I shared a few photos twice above to show the different angles I was able to capture.  The black + white photo of me and my hubby sleeping is one of my ultimate faves from this Week in the Life!

There will be one more post in a few days where I will share Friday + Saturday + Sunday.  As always, thanks for reading and keep documenting the memories that matter.


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  1. I love your photos! Very fun!!!!
    I wish you a wonderful Friday and relaxing weekend.

    1. Aw thanks lady! Hope you have a great 3-day weekend!

  2. Love this!!!!! How fun to get a glimpse into your days!!!!!!!!

  3. I love your photos, your documentation, and your... realness!

    1. Thanks lady! I definitely appreciate the realness more than I used to.


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