Week in the Life | Monday + Tuesday's photos and words.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wahoo!  I made it through the entire week of Week in the Life, and am soooo happy I took the time out to document lots of little stories from our everyday life.  Similar to how Ali does, I am going to share my photos and words from our week on my blog, to use later in my album.

A quick note that my words don't always match up with the photos I'm sharing.  This is because I tried to focus more on the words during this WITL instead of taking tons of photos (and feeling overwhelmed.  I talked about this a bit in my last post).

Here's a look at Monday and Tuesday.

Monday April 17th


Mondays.  Ugh.  Trying to start off this week better than last.  No yoga this morning because my neck is still hurting a bit.

I like Monday mornings because everyone who works in an office hates Mondays and doesn't want to work and wants to be left alone.  So I have unbothered work time.

This morning, I replace my file folders with new plastic sturdier ones.  I consider this a project "for me" even though it's work-related.  I like when I do things "for me."

Walks and headphones in both ears at lunch.  I love being able to listen to both my headphones and turn my music up loud (as opposed to when I'm in the office, in which I can only listen with one ear).

Freedom at 5 is the bees knees!  I'm sooo happy I switched to this shift.  Love these big puffy white clouds.  On my drive home, me and the hubby discuss Warped Tour and what bands will be on what stages.  This is our year for music, something for us.

Easter dinner leftovers.  Cocoa gets dry food + people food (three rounds of ham!) for dinner.  She's having a good day today, which makes us have a good day too.

My goal for this week is to have patience + be kind + chill the eff out + have fun.  Try and make it a better week than last week.

Tuesday April 18th
For Tuesday's words, I wrote down things people said throughout the day to help tell my stories.

Me: Baby, can you turn on the Weather Channel?
Hubby: Sh*t, it's 5:12!  My alarm didn't go off!
This is how we start our Tuesday morning.  We were both up late watching the game (the Hawks...they lost).  Hubby jumps out of bed and I remind myself (once again) that I need to change the clock on my phone to match his.  (Mine is always off by 2 or 3 minutes.  Not sure why).

"Incidental or deliberate contact."  I listen to commentary about one of the goals against the Blackhawks.  No doubt this will be a big topic among Chicagoans today.

"A little bit of a waggie tail."  We ran into Don this morning (he's the guy that handles maintenance for our apartment and all other apartments on the property).  Sometimes he's early and sometimes we are.  We both love when we get to see him.

As I run out the door late, I stop for a second and linger by the back door, looking at Cocoa looking at me.  One day (maybe soon) I will leave and won't see her cute bear face.  The love we have for this girl...

"My desk is like the Bermuda Triangle."  Yep, it pretty much eat things, never to be seen again.  No matter how much I seem to organize it, it always gets covered again.

"We can always make time for a dinner or something after work."  Dinner @ Chili's with the girls.  I order a drink and then so do they.  We talk about their upcoming weddings and details and life.  I'm so grateful for these girlfriends of mine.

"I think I could use some liquid nighttime juice."  Hubby goes out for a drink after volleyball while I get home and head to bed.  There's crap everywhere but who cares?  I've always loved that our home looks "lived in."  Details.  Stories.

 I'll be back soon to share Wednesday + Thursday's photos and words.  And to start planning my scrapbooking of this week.  Yah!

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  1. You're doing so well w/ this project! I love a "lived in" house also. I used to try to keep my house looking like it was ready for the pages of "Good Housekeeping" all the time but it was so much work, and only we really saw it so I have relaxed a bit over the years. Now my house is a hybrid of: "Good Housekeeping" and "Lived In"! LOL!

    1. haha soooo funny! When we first moved into our new home, I was like CRAZY about it and told my hubby nothing could be out! But it was totally unrealistic and gave me too much anxiety, so now we just do what we can and I have learned to love it!


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