#nndailytip - documenting pets!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Happy happy weekend!  My absolute favorite!  I've been sick all week with a bad cold, so this weekend is definitely for some R&R to try and get better.

Last year, I was a part of the Pocket Your Year design team and super enjoyed it.  I'm excited to share that I'll be continuing on working with Megan on creative projects for 2017.  More on that soon!

This week, Megan is talking about documenting pets for her #nndailytip on Instagram.  (If you don't know about #nndailytip, definitely check it out.  Megan shares lots of fun, useful tips on all sorts of different subjects related to documenting and memory-keeping).  If you follow me here or on social media, you know I have an ultimate love for our own furries, so I was super excited to contribute a few tips of my own!

You can check out the #nndailytip about documenting pets this week on Instagram.  Also, if you're looking for some cute animal photos to make you smile during the day, check out the hashtags I use for our furry children on Instagram:
Follow me on Instagram @kelsterjean (or use the link above if you're on a computer).


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