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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Happy happy 2017!! I know, I know, we're already a month-ish in and holy crap, where has the time gone?!  This post has been in my drafts since the first week of 2017, and the upcoming expiration of my website keeps reminding me that I need to either use this blog or let it go... (sigh)

So first things first: how did you celebrate the welcoming of 2017?  The hubby and I spent the evening watching Secret Life of Pets (finally!) and building our new 6-cube bookshelf from Target.

We also finally hung up these pretty little shelves (from Menards) to hold our collection of Shiner bottles.  (Side note, I'm not a super big fan of the color of the shelves, but they match our cabinets and when you rent, there's things you can't change, like the color of the cabinets...oh well!) 

I should also note that we're not super big drinkers.  First of all, it took us a freaking while to collect all these (and let's not talk about the one or two that I peeled the labels off to use for craft projects!)  And there's also a story behind why hubby and I love Shiner, why we're connected by it, that I hope to document sometime this year.

So onto 2017!  Wooooo000000t!  I'll be back soon to share some of my creative goals for this year, and my plans for memory keeping.  I hope you'll join me as we live and love through 2017!


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  1. I love reading your posts, Kelly! :) Happy New Year to you!

  2. Hi dear and happy belated New Year greeting. I loved that movie but I did cry at the start because it reminded me of Buster.


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