choosing photos = the struggle is real.

Monday, November 28, 2016

I take lots and lots of photos.  AND LOTS!  It's a terrible habit.  I'm not as bad as I used to be a few years ago, but this has been my ultimate downfall and main reason for failing at Project Life in the past.

This year, I'm doing really good though, because I'm learning to enjoy the moment more and not have "take a photo" be my first instinct.  It's a work in progress!  I was so happy that this month in the Pocket Your Year workshop, we were talking about curating our spreads.  Figuring out what photos to include and what photos to leave out.  The struggle is real.

It's really tough going through photos and picking only your true favorites, but here's what I do to help pair down and get scrapping quickly:
  •  Try dumping all of your photos into a folder (either on your phone or your computer) until you are ready to sort and scrap them.
  • At the end of the month, go through your photos {and stories documented} and decide which ones are still important to you.  For me, if they make me happy or make me smile, they are something I want to keep and remember.
  • Don't get rid of photos just because they are poor quality or are blurry.  Sometimes these are the only photos we are left with, and end up being the ones we appreciate the most.

When you end up with lots of photos, like I did for this highlight spread of September, you can use hidden journaling, pockets, tabs, and flip-up pockets to include lots of photos and stories that might not otherwise make the cut.

The most important thing is always: do things the way it works best for you, and document the stories and memories that are memorable to you!


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  1. I will never be caught up w/ scrapping or even organizing my photos and that used to stress me the f**k out! To the point where I was paralyzed w/ fear of going near my scrapbook items and/or photos. I also thought I had to print every photo and I printed 2 of each... take about expensive, not to mention the space it took up! Now I just try my best to get the photos onto my computer and sort them as I get the time and print just what I need. Will they ever be completely organized, probably not...but at least I'll have them all together. I wish I had done this years ago though because I have photos stored on numerous online photo storage/printing sites and IDK if I can transfer them back w/out it being a major undertaking... ::sigh:: oh, well, I'll just have to figure it out a little at a time. Glad you found a system that works for you!

  2. That sounds like a good problem. I usually don't have enough photos but then again I don't have a camera with me all the time.

  3. Love what you said about being in the moment more ♥️.
    The hidden pockets and flip up cards are a great idea!


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