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Monday, April 25, 2016

This month, I'm telling stories about "tough" and "strong," using Ali Edwards' story kit, tough.  I like to document what's real in my life, but if I have a choice between documenting the happy or the stressful, I definitely choose the happy.

But the newsletter about Ali's kit, tough, just seemed to come at the right time, and I couldn't deny that scrapbooking some tough stories would definitely help be some creative therapy.

I'm focusing on two main subjects: losing our little Murphy and also going through IVF.  Two major things making big impacts on our lives this year.  Here's a peek at one of the pocket pages  I'm finishing about starting the IVF process.

the kits:  I ordered both the story kit and the stamp because I loved both so much!  Both arrived very quickly after ordering and the quality of both are just flawless.  The best for me, though, is the content that comes with the kit: a workshop, of sorts, that goes through the story theme, ideas for stories, and Ali's processes for her layouts.  She is so inspiring to me, I could listen to her all day!  You can check out the kits here, if it sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Keep telling stories and documenting memories!


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