my One Little Word for 2016.

Monday, March 14, 2016

I realized I never shared this post about choosing my One Little Word for 2016, 
so I'm stepping back a little and sharing it today.

WHY COMPLETE?  The word complete popped into my head late last year after looking through my old December Daily albums.  To date, I have completed zero December Daily albums.  It's pretty sad. I also have, under my fabulous belt, two incomplete summer albums, and several "ongoing" projects: my inspiration *Smash book and my wedding *Smash book.  Basically, I'm the freaking queen of incomplete projects!  To top all that craziness off, I also have a long list of projects I want to complete {eventually}I will fully admit here that my original idea for complete was simply that: finish as many incomplete projects as I can in 2016.

BUT, then I found out I made the Pocket Your Year creative team (yah!) and I quickly realized this goal of mine probably wasn't realistically possible.  So... I thought "I need a new word!" (BRAVE!)  But... after listening to Ali and Elise talk about One Little Word and the whole concept of it, I decided to stick it out with complete and see where it takes me this year!  (whether you're a OLWer or not, this is a great episode to listen to!)

So now what?  Now I have no idea!  Just kidding.  But not really...I've already been thinking LOTS about complete this year so far.  Some of the questions I've been asking myself is: 
  • What does a complete life look like to me?
  • {Given our learning of having fertility issues} what does it mean to me to have a complete family?
  • What would a complete version of myself feel like, and look like?  What will I be happy with?
  • AND, why the heck do I struggle so much with completing projects?

I think complete is going to be freaking awesome for me this year!  I'm really excited to see where it takes me, and what I discover from it.  So, hello complete, my OLW for 2016!!

What is your OLW for 2016?  Share some deets in the comments below!


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  1., I'm the "Queen of Incomplete Projects" but I'll let you share my title, if you're nice! ;0)

  2. Looks like your complete bug is catchy. I have been completing all my non paper crafting projects that have been sitting in my closet for, cough 10 years. My OLW this year was grow because I had a felling this year was going to a year that I was going to do some growing personally. I had a funny feeling that I was going to have to have to find a new normal.

  3. Such a great post!!
    I have to say I give you credit to sticking to your word when you were wavering.
    I have a word…actually two, lol.


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