Christmas cards in a mini book.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Last year's holidays were pretty tough, with my Grandpa passing away a week before Christmas.  But one of the things that brightened my holidays (last year and every year) was receiving Christmas cards in the mail.

Even though it seems like every year, the Christmas cards pile gets smaller and smaller, I still love opening my mailbox and seeing red and white envelopes, or handwritten addresses, and checking to see who sent us a card.  Nothing will ever beat sending smiles through the mail!

I've wanted to create one of these books every year, but for many reasons it got put off.  This year, (reminding myself that my OLW is complete!),  I left the cards on the wall until I was able to collect them, punch them with my Cinch, and bind them.

There were a few cards that I didn't want to punch directly into (because it would punch through people's faces, cut off text, etc.), so I adhered these to scrapbook paper and then punched the paper.  SUPER EASY!


I decorated the backs of the cards, to cover up some of the pre-printed text on the cards.  Nothing fancy, or complicated, just a few stickers and embellishments.  Let's not overthink it!

And now I have this beautiful book to flip through!  I'm pretty dang proud of myself for a) finally completing something I've wanted to for a few years, b) keeping is simple and not complicating it (I do that a lot), and c) DONE!

Here's a tip: If you don't have a Cinch or binding machine, you can always use rings or maybe even some string to tie it together.  Keep it simple!


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  1. That is so cute. I love the idea but I could never do that since our Christmas cards are usually is three.

    1. Aw that makes me sad, but maybe you can find other ways to incorporate them into your scrapbooking!


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