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Saturday, January 02, 2016

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Happy 2016!!  The end of the year really was so good to us: we found our dining room table on clearance that we had been sooooo wanting, we were both super motivated going into the new year, and the biggest news, I MADE THE POCKET YOUR YEAR DESIGN TEAM!!  (I will fully disclose that I jumped up and down like a crazy person, in our home, by myself, when I found out!)

If you know me, you know that I have an ultimate LOVE for pocket pages: they are so versatile, they are easy to use if you don't have lots of time, and they can hold lots of stuff!  I am so excited to share pocket pages (as inspiration) from my point of view: being a 9 to 5er with little time to create, scrapbooking both little everyday details AND bigger life stories, with lots of journaling, photos, and especially, memorabilia!

I will share more details very soon!  Happy new year!


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  1. I excited because then we get to see more of your beautiful pocket pages!! YAY!! :)


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