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Thursday, December 31, 2015

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It's almost time to ring in the new year!  YAH 2016!  Hubby and I are celebrating by surfing the net (me), building our new living room table we just bought 4 hours ago (him), and loud snoring (the dog).  This was a crazy, happy, sad, disappointing, exciting year for us.  I could probably use a ton more words, but instead, I wrote a list summing it up in a nutshell:
  • THIS YEAR we were invited to 6 weddings and attended 5.
  • THIS YEAR I rekindled old friendships.
  • THIS YEAR we learned we have infertility issues (after three years of trying).
  • THIS YEAR I had a thousand reminders as to why I love memory-keeping.
  • THIS YEAR we learned (even more) the true meaning of family.
  • THIS YEAR our values and focus on what we want in life became even stronger.
  • THIS YEAR we found out you can try to plan your future, but it may not happen that way.
  •  THIS YEAR we lost an amazing & fun Grandpa and a beautiful furry friend of 16 years.
  • THIS YEAR I {got even better about} standing up for what I believe in and shutting out negativity.
  • THIS YEAR I learned lots about digestive issues and healthy eating.
  • THIS YEAR we learned infertility is ALOT more common than we thought.
  •  THIS YEAR I became a better version of myself.
  • THIS YEAR my hubby and I became even closer.
  •  THIS YEAR our faith grew a tiny bit stronger.
  • THIS YEAR we learned doggie pain pills are way more expensive than human pain pills.
  • THIS YEAR we took a road trip that turned into a Griswold vacation, but is now a great story.
  • THIS YEAR we did not attend any music shows, a rarity for us. :(
  • THIS YEAR we {got even better} with managing our finances.
  • THIS YEAR we watched {approximately} 250 episodes of Teen Titans Go, 100 episodes of Big Bang Theory, 50 episodes of Seinfeld, and 15 episodes of Life in Pieces.
  • THIS YEAR I journaled (alot!)
  • THIS YEAR Cocoa's medical expenses far exceeded ours.
  • THIS YEAR our buns had less vet visits than any other year we had them.
  • THIS YEAR We Don't Stand A Chance was our soundtrack.
  • THIS YEAR, my focus on scrapbooking changed drastically, and I just went with it.
  • THIS YEAR I cried lots of tears, laughed a lot, smiled tons, grew immensely from last year, and was repeatedly thankful for this amazing life I was given.
I hope you have a wonderful new year!  Thank you SO MUCH for reading, following, and supporting Kelster Jean this year.  (I always wanted to refer to myself in third person! :)  I'm so excited for 2016 and what it will bring!

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  1. Aww... I'm sorry for your "sad times" and happy for your "happy times"... I hope you have a great 2016!


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