self-love pocket page layout / story starter challenge.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Last week I shared a post about starting fresh on scrapbooking, and I mentioned in that post that I won a subscription to Simple Scrapper.  Today, I wanted to share the layout I submitted that won me the subscription.  I submitted this one-page pocket page layout for the October Story Starter Challenge.  The subject of the challenge was "Inside Me," and the goal was to create a page about that subject, using the discovery tool provided by Simple Scrapper.  I decided to play along with this challenge because I had been following stalking Simple Scrapper's blog for a while and REALLY REALLY wanted a chance to check out their membership.  So why not give it a shot? 

I must admit that I struggled a bit when starting with the discovery tool.  The printable is amazing and created very well, but this is such a new approach for me that I am not used to.  I don't think I've ever thought about scrapbooking as much as I do now!  I'm not naturally an organized person or someone that "plans," but I have been doing so much more of that lately.  (It really is CRAZY to me that anyone can be an organized person if they really just try!)  Anywho, so I wrote out all the subjects I might want to scrapbook about and came up with the subject of self-love. 

I very openly share here on my blog that I struggle with anxiety.  Last year, it was a HUGE PART of my life.  This year, I really have been learning to manage it, but I also developed digestive issues this year that not only kicked up my anxiety, but made eating anything, in general, very difficult (more on that another day).  So, I wanted to create this layout both as a reminder and a celebration of how far I have come with taking care of myself and putting myself first!

For this layout, I used the amazing, super rad True Stories collection by Shimelle.  I loved this collection from the moment I saw it.  (She perfectly described it on a podcast when she said when she thinks of everyday life, she thinks of "rocket ships and coffee").  I also used some of my Freckled Fawn embellies.  These little bits are so cute and awesome and so perfect for pocket pages!  (AND...a reminder that I will be giving away some Freckled Fawn goodies later this stay tuned!)

I very much love this layout and was so excited when I won the 3-month membership to Simple Scrapper.  I'm being truly honest when I say that I'm already loving it sooo much.  It focuses so much more on intentional memory-keeping, which is so important to me at the moment.


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  1. OMG...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!!!!!!

  2. I Love this and that collection. We are a lot a like. The new year I am going to start working more on stepping back and don't get so crazy involve over holiday extras.

    1. Definitely, we are! I think that's a great idea dear.

  3. I love this layout! I'll have to check out Simple Scrapper soon.


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