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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Good morning! I woke up 1/2 an hour before my alarm, at 4:30 a.m.  That seems to be happening alot lately!  So while both my hubby and doggie are snoring away, I thought I would drop in and share with you my first post for Week in the Life. ENJOY!


Here I am, a few months later, working my way through Week in the Life spreads.  In case you're unfamiliar, Week in the Life is a week-long documenting of your life, the little mundane details that we often forget.  It was created by the awesome ultimate memory keeper, Ali Edwards.  This year, Week in the Life was August 17 through 23, Monday to Sunday.

I just have to admit that I am not good with projects like this. Long, big projects.  I often get lazy or tire quickly of doing the same thing.  I get overwhelmed and burned out pretty fast (and have lots of unfinished projects for these very reasons).  But since my focus on scrapbooking/memory keeping is changing, I was very inspired and anxious to not only start, but finish this project completely, and have a documentary of mine and Alex's everyday lives pre-human children, but with three furry children, working full time on opposite schedules.

Since I took so many photos and wrote {what feels like} a book, it only seemed fitting to create pocket pages for my Week in the Life documentation.  I created lots of photo collages so my photos would be small and I printed all of my photos during Shutterfly's 101 free prints promo.  I tried to do very minimal editing of my photos as I brushed up on my photography skills right before Week in the Life.

So, here's the checklist so far:
  1. Take photos and record journaling. check!
  2. Weed out unwanted stories and photos. check!
  3. Print photos. check!
  4. Decide on medium for WITL spreads (pocket pages). check!
  5. Collect memomorabilia and build pages. check!

Whew!  So far, I've gotten a whole lotta shiz done.  Yah for feeling accomplished!  I'll probably get into more detail on photos and story in another post.  Since this is such a big project, this will be post one of ?  To finish this off, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from WITL.



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  1. Well I guess I do have an unfinished project. I forgot I never did anything with the WITL photos I took. Great job.

    1. You should do something with them! I love them so far!

  2. I tire of long projects as well... the boredom sets in really quick for me, plus if I get behind even a little it sets my anxiety off! I've crowned myself "the Queen of Unfinished Projects" ( I use that title a lot in my blog posts LOL)! Another reason I couldn't do this is I wouldn't know which "stories" to tell! Good luck to you!

    1. I definitely have lots of unfinished projects, but I'm going to work hard to get this completed over the next year. It was SUPER HARD choosing stories though!


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