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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Earlier today, I took a break for a few minutes from a crazy, emotional day to hang up a few fall/Thanksgiving decorations, one of which is this little thankful banner.  Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by life and TO DOs and my hubby's work schedule and things in general.  Having anxiety, I let alot get to me and it's hard sometimes to just let things go.  I've been trying to recognize this more and more and realize when I need to stop and take a break, or pause and relax.  (It's a work in progress.)

I created this banner a few years ago, on a whim, with some extra photos and paper scraps I had.  I loved this banner so much at the time of creating it, and loved it A MILLION times more as I hung it up earlier today.  Allie Bammers, the doggie in the photo, passed away earlier this year.  Seeing her beautiful little self made me sad, but also made me smile.  I had actually forgotten until I hung this up that she was in two of the photos in the banner.

You can easily recreate this banner with just a few items:
  • photos
  • scraps of paper
  • embellishments or stamps
  • border punches or decorative scissors (a die cutting machine would also work)
  • floss
  • adhesive
Each square measures 3x3.  Simply border-punch certain squares and adhere photos or embellishments or stamp.  Create an equal mixture of photo squares vs embellished squares.  Then attach floss to the back using adhesive.  Use washi tape to hang up!
I'm happy I took the time to hang this up, straighten it out, and look at the details of it.  This is definitely one of my favorite projects I've ever created.  This banner will hang through Thanksgiving, and I know my in-laws will enjoy and appreciate looking at it also, when they see Allie in the photos.  The upcoming holidays will be hard without her, but this is why we, as memory keepers, CREATE.  To document moments in time and those we love...and to remember and reflect, especially during tough times, when we need it the most.


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  1. This is so adorable! :) It's like a little scrapbook hanging up on the wall! And how special that is has photos of your Allie Bammers (sounds like Alabama!! :P).

    1. Thanks Heather! Yes, I know, right?! And yeah Alabama! I wonder if that's why it was her nickname! xoxo


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