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Monday, October 26, 2015

uno> one of my fall favs: the leaves.  Not just the colored leaves, but the act of coloring itself.
dos> sunday night hangouts. #ourgirlmaria
tres> #onmydesk a layout about self-love!
cuatro> this is one of those collections I was nuts about a few years back and then did nothing with...well not anymore!
cinco> seriously, my favorite part about fall is driving home into the setting sun.  I'm thinking a mini album dedicated to just my collection of sky/sunset photos is in order!
seis> dinner with my lady! yummy drinks, yummy food!

I've kinda been getting back into instagram again!  Follow me @kelsterjean for lots of furry photos, peeks at what crafty things I'm up to, and the stuff that makes life good!

Hope you had a nice weekend!  I'll be back later this week with some inspiration using the goodies in the bottom left photo!


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