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Saturday, October 17, 2015

HELLO! This weekend, my hubby and I have our first fully free-absolutely nothing planned weekend since the beginning of Summer!!  I'm feeling happily excited and am also resisting the urge to run around in a circle like they do in cartoons.  I'm trying to hone in and focus on what I actually want to accomplish and make it productive.  Speaking of productive, I have had not much of that lately.  I've been spending more time organizing, writing stories down, and filling my head with a million thoughts.  I haven't actually created anything in a little while.  My last project was a mini album (above) created for the sweetest little girl, who turned ONE in late September!  I absolutely loved how this mini album turned out and will be sharing it here real soon.

After going through a period of stepping back and zoning out, I am slowly filling my life with inspiration again.  I'm allowing myself to PIN things again, over-indulge on inspiration.  I am beginning to realize the good effects inspiration had in my life.  Hopefully this means I will get back to a regular creating schedule real soon!  Until then, I wanted to share A Few Little Things: Inspiration edition.  I'm hoping this is going to become a thing and I will be sharing more posts entitled "A Few Little Things." But we all know how great I am at doing series posts (NOT AT ALL!) so I'll just leave it at we'll see....

A Few Little Things: inspiration!
  • Caylee Grey - Creative Adventure: very pretty and inspiring projects from this girl.  Check it out if you're a single or non-kids scrapper!
  • Crafty Scrapbooker: this fine lady will forever be one of my favs.  She is young and crazy-talented and creates the prettiest and funnest things.
  • Paperclipping Roundtable: in case you were wondering if you can listen to people talk about scrapbooking, YOU CAN and IT'S AMAZING.  The only issue is listening in your car while driving and you can't write down any of the tips and tricks!
  • Simple Scrapper planner: i have an older version of this that I'm using now.  This has been my tool to clear my head of the million thoughts I have, focus on what I want to do, and how to get it done.  I highly recommend this to any memory keeper!
  • Hello October-free printable: thanks to my dear friend Heather S. for turning me on to these amazing printables!  Use this to create a better you and really get shiz done!
  • New Pinterest boards: follow me on Pinterest and check out some of my new boards and some inspiring things I'm pinning!
Till next time!  Have a great weekend! 


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  1. Hello stranger. I am happy to see you a slowing down.

  2. AWW! You totally made my day with this and all your comments on my blog and youtube channel. :) It's things like this that make me want to blog and share more. Thanks, Kelly!! XOXO

    1. You are very welcome. Yes, keep going dear. Love it all! xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks sis. Can't wait to share the whole thing!

  4. Thank you for sharing my printable. :)
    Michelle Rohr (Secret OWL Society)


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