DIY mini notebooks.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Every time I think of notebooks, or the word "notebook" for that matter, I think of Blues Clues.  Steve, specifically, when he says "Let's pull out our handy dandy notebook!"  Yes, Steve, notebooks are handy and dandy!

In an effort to save a bit of money last Christmas, hubby and I whipped up a few handmade gifts (one of which was this tag set for a hostess gift).  I'm always looking for easy, simple projects to create to give to people, so when I saw these notebooks on Michelle Wooderson's blog, I knew I had to try them!

These notebooks were super easy to create!  I knew I wanted smaller notebooks so they could fit in someone's purse, so my notebooks measure 3 1/2 x 5.  For the covers, I used scraps of chipboard/cardboard I had laying around.  (When you purchase paper kits and such, there's always really good thick chipboard in there.  Keep those for the future!)

I used the Maggie Holmes' Flea Market collection to cover the chipboard (I just LOVE that collection!)  The inside is just plain ole college-rule lined paper.  I picked up a pack at Target and it was plenty for the five notebooks, with some left over.  Cut the lined paper down to 3 x 4 1/2 so it is smaller than the covers and won't get bent.  There's approximately 50 sheets in each notebook.  (When cutting down the paper, you can probably get a few mini sheets per piece of 8 1/2 x 11 lined paper).

I binded these together using my Cinch (love that thing!) and that was all she wrote.  I embellished with gold borders (Teresa Collins), washi tape, and mini stamps from Citrus Twist.  I find it pretty surprising that I used lots of gold when crafting Christmas projects (the tags had gold in them too!)  I'm not the biggest fan of gold, but for some reason, it fit perfectly on these.

I hope you give these a try!  If you don't have a binding machine, you can always punch one hole in the corner and use a ring to hold it together.  Or buy mini notebooks already made, and cover them up.  I liked using this type of binding because then you can rip out a piece of paper and it gives that nice little "notebook look" at the top.



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  1. These are perfect! I love little things like this. And it's at times like these that I wish I had a cinch or binding machine like that. The rings are so cute!! :)

  2. What size wire did you use to bind? Already thinking of future gifts


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