my chilly valentine.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I love how Valentine's Day is a big deal for some and not for others.  When you've been with someone for almost 8 years, you learn to appreciate the everydays with them so much more than a holiday where you're forced to love each other.  haha!  Since our life is basically consumed with all things moving right now, we decided a low key Valentines Day was definitely on the menu.


First, how CUTE is this photo?!  We got it on the first try and I love it so much even though my face is cut off a bit.  Me and the hubs had an awesome dinner at our favorite Chinese place.  They know us there, which makes me feel so special!  It's a buffet and they have the yummiest Chinese food around.  My must-haves include: egg drop soup, crab ragoun, and anything shrimp-related.  Alex and I always share a bowl of sweet and sour sauce, and I always have hot tea.  We got a whole routine going on!

After dinner, we froze our tushies off in the car while it warmed up (photo above!) and laughed about how long my nails are.  (Seriously, they're like daggers! It comes from my Grandma.  I accidentally scratched Alex while trying to reach for the radio and cut open his glove.  Ooops!).  Then, we wandered around Home Depot and Target looking for some things for our new home.

We picked up the plant above for our sweet {current} neighbor as a last minute Valentines Day gift.  She always leaves us the sweetest things by our door (top photo), so it was only necessary that we leave her a pretty plant with a cute card.  (Seriously, those cards!?  They're my fav.  BUNNIES AND KITTIES FOR THE WIN!)

And that was pretty much it.  Very low key and probably boring for most, but we love our boring lives!  On a side note, have you tried the limited edition red velvet Oreos?  Betcha can't eat just one...or two...or three!


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  1. That sounds like a wonderful Valentines Day

  2. Thanks for sharing your Valentines events with us. I have eyed up those red velvet oreos since I LOVE red velvet but have not given in. Are they very good?

    1. Those Oreos are soo good! But be careful! You can never have JUST ONE!


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