hello 2015 and introduction of my One Little Word.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It's officially 2015!  Yahhh!!!  Last year, I made it a point to document my resolutions/intentions for 2014.  I like the idea of setting intentions because I like the feeling when they come true.  But, after creating this layout, I didn't look at the thing once.  And the list of intentions got buried.  (I really should have wrote it down somewhere that I would see it EVERY DAY).

<photo from July 2014.  taken by hubby.>
This year, I decided to try the One Little Word thing again.  I'm not taking Ali's class, but just chose a word for this year, and my life this year.  Originally, I wanted my word to be practice, because I wanted to practice all my resolutions/intentions that I chose last year and ignored.  But, having a conversation with my hubby on new years, I asked him what his word would be if he were to chose one.  And he chose LIVE.

"LIVE with no regrets."
"LIVE in the moment."

(Yep, my hubby is pretty amazing.  We can have conversations about OLW and he knows exactly what I'm talking about.)  Anyways, I loved it so much, I decided to steal it for myself.  LIVE.  That literally is exactly what I want to accomplish this year.  Learn to just LIVE.

I may use my word in Project Life and a few other projects throughout the year to help me remember it.  I know it will make an appearance in my January spread and hope to use it throughout the year as well.  I may create 12 intentions with the word LIVE like I did for the OLW class I took of Ali's in 2013.  We shall see, but I'm really excited for this and can't wait to see how this shapes my year!

What are you doing to document 2015 and what you hope for?

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