almost total liquidation.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm in total liquidation mode in my scrap room right now!  We're going to be moving to a new apartment mid-February so I'm pretty sure the motivation of a new place combined with a fresh new year has given me a total organization bug.  My original plan was to go through my stash and pull out a few things I no longer loved....

But something happened inside of me.  Some kind of roar that said "BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!  ONLY KEEP THINGS THAT GET YOU EXCITED TO CREATE!"  So that's what I've been doing.  And man, it's been a little scary.  Just about half of my stash is gone!  I realize now how some crafters feel when they say they'd like to get rid of their entire stash and start over.  I'm not doing that, but the "get-rid-of-piles" definitely are pretty large!

So far, it's been extremely motivating.  All of the pretty products hanging from my cafe bars (see above) is stuff I'm DYING to use!  Of course, now I'll be packing it up to move into the new place, but at least it'll be fun to unpack!

If you're looking to destash (and feel refreshed!), check out my post on how to REALISTICALLY go through your stash!


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  1. Wow! Nice going, Kelly.
    I should be doing this same thing!

  2. I got to a point of feeling overwhelmed by my stash too, it's so freeing to have less to work with now!


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