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Friday, December 12, 2014

This year, I made it a point to document more STORIES.  After a very painful experience early in the year, I decided to re-focus my scrapbooking approach.  I have been reading Ali Edwards' blog ALOT this year (she's truly amazing!).  And, while I haven't spent lots of time creating this year, I have been documenting memories and stories that are so important to me!  (Later this month, I'll be sharing my top ten favorite projects of 2014.  Stay tuned!)

I found this quote on Pinterest and have thought about it and read it over and over.  I knew I just had to use it on some type of project at some point.  So here it is, a layout I created.  I've kinda taken a break from creating full page, 12x12 layouts, but in being away from them, I found I really enjoyed creating this one!

I used a past Citrus Twist kit for this layout.  I've been super inspired by Cassie's style lately and tried to incorporate it into my own layout.  Really love those multi-colored alphas too.  They're from AC and I'm so not good at mixing alphabet stickers, so I think I deserve a pat on the back! (PAT!)

I used two photos I love for the layout.  The photos really didn't matter as much as using that quote, but I wanted to include photos that had meaning.  Both of these photos say "This is MY life and it is ENOUGH for me."



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  1. Great page. I need to do he year in review post too. I love the alphas. I too have a hard time mixing them up on the same word but you did a great job.


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