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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello dearies!  I'm so excited to share with you today my part of the Scrapbook Blogger Tour.  I was tagged by the fabulous Cassie at All Smiles and Sunshine last week.  (She is such an inspiration for traditional scrapbooking and creates beautiful and detailed layouts!)  If you haven't seen one of these posts floating around the internet yet, it's a fun little way to share some insight on your creative process.

1. What am I working on right now?
  • organizing my life and every days.  I've always been a "just do it" person but have recently dabbled in pre-planning and I'm kinda enjoying it!
  • documenting stories.  I've been tracking the stories I want to document on layouts, pocket pages, or mini albums.  I'm excited to have my stories documented!

2. How long does it take me to create a project? A long time!  I have never been a quick scrapbooker.  I take days to finish a project.  I work on it an hour or two over the course of several days.  The long projects can take several weeks.  I try to enjoy the process and not rush it so in the end, I have something that I'm truly happy with.

3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
  • stamps!  
  • kits.
  • memorabilia I've collected.
  • my (new) circle punch.
  • tidbits of embellishments.

3. How does my creating process work?
  • I begin with anything, really.  Sometimes it's a photo, a story I want to tell, a sketch, an embellishment.  Something.
  •  I usually sketch what I'm creating.  It begins with a very rough sketch, then turns into a more detailed sketch along the way.  I don't always sketch when creating, but I do always brainstorm to try and get my ideas out.
  • Next I pull products and start creating.  I spend time moving things around and seeing what works and doesn't.  When I'm mostly finished, I spend time adding a little more embellishments to finish it off.
  • I always photograph what I create.  This is important more for me to see how I grow with my crafting and what I've created that I really loved.
  • Finally, I share my projects online and on my blog to inspire others and myself.

4. How do I become inspired and stay inspired? 
  • I find inspiration everywhere.  My mind is always running and thinking ideas and thoughts.  I love collecting things that inspire me and throw them all in a big paper box I have.  I'm inspired by music lyrics, Pinterest (of course), and writing down the stories I want to tell.
  •  I stay inspired by remembering why I enjoy scrapbooking.  Sometimes I'll create an art journal page to let loose and be messy.  (Which is way opposite of my scrapbook projects).  And finally, and most importantly, challenging myself.  The Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenges are not just for our readers!  We choose these challenges for us too, to help us stay inspired in our crafting.
5. What's my signature style? I wasn't sure that I had a signature style, but I'm noticing more and more a few things I love on my projects:
  • clean but detailed.
  • things being framed.
  • working in small spaces is my forte: pockets and mini albums.
Now to pass on the spotlight!  I am nominating two wonderful ladies:
  • Heather Sweet is the queen of organizing and planning.  She is a constant inspiration and puts such pretty details into her crafting.
  • Heather Adams is a beautiful ray of sunshine.  She is a younger, but oh-so-talented crafter who creates gorgeous layouts and cards that leave you drooling!
I have been lucky enough to develop a good friendship with both of these amazing ladies and I can't wait to see their creative process.

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