Sunday, September 21, 2014

currently: cards by rukristin
Hey dearies!  Miss you all!

watching: previews of fall premiers.  Can't wait for some of my fav laughs The Goldbergs and Big Bang to come back.  Also saw the preview of this new show and it wasn't nearly as terrible as I thought it would be.  BUT, does it remind anyone else of a modern-day My Fair Lady?  Definitely feel like it's not an original idea.

reading: was reading The Girl Who Played With Fire but took a break from that for now.  It's a little heavy at the moment.  Finally getting a chance to do some blog reading, though!  Feeling very inspired by Ali's new blog.

listening: to my newly updated iPod.  Husband and I finally found the time to update our iPods with some music.  We've been wanting to do this for months and it finally happened.  I love randomizing my iPod and not hearing Christmas songs!

making: sure I take a few minutes each day to do something I want to do.  Whether it is organizing my planner or writing an email or reading a blog.  As long as it is for me!

feeling: organized and not so overwhelmed.  (yah!!)  Despite September being a crazy busy month, my anxiety has been (for the most part) under control and managed.  I think this is in big part to my new planner.  (more about that soon)

planning: on how best to document the stories of my life.  I'm playing along with a few different ideas to see what works best.

loving: that crafting lately has been fun and exciting.  Sometimes I feel like it's just another 'to do' when I craft, but lately I have been enjoying each moment.

missing: blogging!  My poor little blog is feeling so neglected.  I'm hoping to get back on a regular blogging schedule soon.  Maybe this printable will help.

enjoying: every moment I can with my little furries.  Nothing is better than stealing bunny kisses and getting slobbered on by the dog.

dreaming: up my crafty wish list!  There is not enough money in the world for all the pretty products I want.  Is it too soon to be thinking Christmas?

wondering: if other people smile and laugh at the silly things like I do.  Like back-window windshield wipers, our snoring pup, and when people are courteous to each other.

anticipating: waiting for October, when things will finally slow down for us a bit.  Come on October!

thinking: that maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this life thing...after 27 years.

designing:  projects that tell stories (see above!)


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