snail mail inspiration//using kawaii letter sets.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

My post office box has been a little lonely lately, so maybe this snail mail inspiration will channel some happy mail to magically appear in there!  I often hear people say they stalk their mailman, but I'm that girl that stalks the box.  I guess it's the only thing I can do routinely: twice a week, I drive down the street from our home, park in the lot, and take the long walk down the hallway to check my box.  It's kinda sad when there's nothing in there.  It's a long, sad walk back to the door!

This little collection was sent to my friend Stephanie last month.  In her package was:
Stephanie is one of my long-time pen pals.  We write really long letters to each other.  In the past, she has sent me the cutest little kawaii letter sets.  I have a hard time using them though because I fill lots of paper with what I have to say.  Then it hit me....why not spread it across multiple letter sets??  So after I finished my letter, I used washi tape and number stickers to mark what order they go in.  Easy enough, right?

If it fancies you, check out my other snail mail posts here.  Happy Saturday!  I'll be catching up on work...lots of it!


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