Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Last week, I was a bit under the weather and stayed home from work.  (No, I DID NOT play hookie!)  In between the gazillion hours of sleep I got, I watched a marathon of Love It or List It, ate a snack or two, and lectured the furries for making me so sleepy.  (Seriously, they sleep ALL DAY.  Just watching them makes me tired!)  In the 2 or so hours I was awake that day, I went a little pin crazy and pinned things like an addict!  (I blame it on the house shows...)  So I figured it's about that time for another Pinspiration post to share all the great ideas I found that I might one day use!  (haha!  Don't quote me on that!)

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  • This pin is the most perfect pin for me EVER because I often complain how people take their bad days out on other people.  Please don't be that person!
  • Again, ME!  I always think "It has to be the right time" or "I have to plan it out" when really, I need to just start DOING!  Less thinking, more doing!
  • Hello little beauties!  I want every light switch to have its own frame now...OH and my hubby abruptly shot this down when I suggested doing this for all the covers in our apartment...DANG!
  • Um hello full length mirror AND hidden storage.  I call this a WIN WIN!
  • Yes....enough said.
  •  I would definitely own more cookbooks if they were housed in these pretty baskets...and use them!
  • I want to be invited to this pretty party!  Or at least throw one of my own.  I'm thinking a fancy excuse to dress up and drink tea might be in order.
What have you been pinning lately?  Follow me on Pinterest!

Kelster Jean 

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  1. I want that wooden stair bookcase in my life so bad!

  2. Love them all! I need to go find you on Pinterest now... I don't think I follow you! I really like that quote about being ready to do something. I totally agree.

  3. Replies
    1. Me too! It would make me spend more time in the kitchen!


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