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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last month, I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition.  A brand new, I'm 27-years-old celebration tradition.  There's nothing really all that special about turning 27, although I keep telling everyone it all goes downhill from here.  (Lemme tell you a secret, IT DOESN'T!)  But I thought it would be so fun to snap a few photos each birthday year and scrapbook them, and be able to look back on them each new year.  Yah!!!

I'm still a little awkward being in front of the camera.  I can take a million selfies on my cell phone, but grab the big girl camera and I have no idea what the heck to do.  (Here's a hint: try playing some of your favorite music and this helps.  Just sing along and smile!)  I also thought about my amazing hubby and how he makes me smile every single day.  I really want these photos to portray me in my true self.  Me that changes my mind every 5 seconds, that worries way too much, that is waay more self conscious than people realize.

One of the birthday photos made it to this layout for my Just Two Midwest Girls project this month.  Created a background with modeling paste and some black spray mist.  Then just layered and created a hidden pocket.  (Love this Teresa Collins Memorabilia line!)  You can check out all the details and close-ups on the Just Two Midwest Girls blog.

I'm 100% not ashamed to admit I still sleep with stuffed animals.  These two are my favs EVER!  The Curious George above was gifted to me by my grandparents and is extremely close to my heart.  It's not the "official Curious George" that I originally had.  After that one disappeared when I was little, my grandparents immediately replaced it with this one.  Not the same, but more meaningful to me.  My Grandma even hand-knitted a scarf for it and handmade its clothes.  I think of her every time I look at it.  Miss her every. single. day.

My little minion has been through the ringer!  Alex won this for me in a crane game, either at Steak and Shake or the movie theatre.  I've had it tons of years and his arm is ready to fall off, but I still tug this little guy so close to me each night to fall asleep.  Even if Alex finds another one for me (we've been on the hunt for MONTHS!) I'll still keep this guy close to me.

Can't wait to look back on these next year and see how much I've grown.  Do you have a birthday tradition?  Let's hear about it!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Omg curious George. I sleep with a piggy.

  2. These are awesome! Love the one on the couch that is slightly out of focus.

  3. Loveeeeee your page!! LOVING that alpha background ... and loveeeeee the photos of you!!!


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