August's highs and lows.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I know I sound like thousands of other people when I say this, but can you believe August is over already?!  When I was young, I was always told that time will fly by when I'm older.  It totally does!  Sometimes I can't even remember what happened last week.  (damn old age, hah!)   August was an amazing month, though, full of very-high highs and not-so-low lows.

  • shower the bride.  A shower for my bro-in-law.  It was simple and sweet, beautiful and fun!  I got to play photographer.
  • BFF hangouts!  Dinner and drinks at Chili's was my fav.  Laughing over drinks just melts tough days away.
  • my first macaroon.  Not only are these things cute, they're amazingly yummy.
  • rental sweet rental.  I used to spend so much time dreaming about owning a house, but the reality is lately, I'm loving our rental more and more.  The neighborhood is wonderful and there's so many families and doggies around.
  • oh, dog.  Ups and downs with the doggie this month.  We're still adjusting to having another furry around, BUT we both admit life wouldn't be the same without her here.
  • baby season.  Anyone else feel like it's baby season?  I attended the cutest baby shower for my cousin (right).  Then, our dear friends revealed the gender of their first baby!  (left)  Even though we're not quite ready for kiddos, we are so enjoying celebrating everyone else's.
Other notables:
  • lots of hang time.  Even though summer has been crazy busy, I've been enjoying it so much.  We've been hanging with our friends A LOT, which reminds us how lucky we are to have such amazing people in our lives.  (the photo above is from a summer BBQ=my fav photo EVER!).
  •  just do nothing.  The husband and I are terrible about squeezing in time to "do nothing."  This month, however, we're exceeding with flying colors!  We watched The Lone Ranger and What's Your Number? (both good!), ate ice cream for a late night snack, and did lots of laying around in our PJs.
  • remember the 17th.  Not only was this month my Grandma's birthday month, August 17th marked 6 months since my Grandma passed.  I will always remember the conversation with my Grandpa on this day.  "I just called to say hi.  And I didn't want to say anything, but today's the 17th."  "Yeah, I know...that's why I stayed home."  That was all that needed to be said.  We both understood what this meant.  To share this with my Grandpa was slight comfort to the heartbreak we both feel.
  • back to ventingIt has been over a year since I saw my therapist and visited her for the first time this month.  It was so refreshing to speak with her and tell her everything that has happened the last year.  Alex came too.  (AND I am 100% NOT ASHAMED to admit I see a therapist.  It really helps!)
What were your highs and lows of August?

Kelster Jean


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