A look back: Warped 2k8 layout

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I really miss the days of my hubs and I going to Warped Tour (and other summer festivals).  I used to look forward to Warped Tour every summer.  The line-up usually is, for the most part, amazing!  Where else will you get to see 50 + bands on a hot and sweaty day filled with loud music and teen angst?  Pretty much NOWHERE!  

I first shared this layout here.  What's funny is that I had already scrapped this photo once, but wasn't the happiest with it, so I ended up stripping the layout and redoing it.  Originally there were a few photos on the layout, but for this one, I decided to use just one.  I really love this photo of my hubs with Chris from In This Moment.

This Warped Tour was CRAZY!!!  In addition to Alex meeting Chris, he also got to partake in a circle pit while Maria from the same band was singing in the crowd (for those of you that don't know what that is, it's basically a "pit" in the crowd with people running around in a circle and hitting each other...I know it sounds sillier than it actually looks).  This was also the year I got to meet the amazing Anthony Raneri from my #1 fav band ever, Bayside, and he sold me my t-shirt.  Yah!!!  This was a pretty exciting one!

I shared a little more details on my layout in the previous post, but one of my fav elements of this layout I just HAD to mention again is including memorabilia in this layout.  When you go to Warped Tour, people are always handing out fliers, CD samples, etc.  This is the perfect place to collect some good stuff.  In this layout, I used one of our wristbands as a border (top right corner) and cut up the band schedule into three triangles and adhered them to the layout.  STILL REALLY LOVE THAT I INCLUDED THESE IN THERE!

I'm linking this layout up to Paper Issues "Mixed Tape" challenge.  Warped Tour's compilation CD is the ultimate "mixed tape" and includes some of the best bands from each tour.  And the tour itself is the ultimate mixed tape!  One of the few places to see tons of bands live that rock AND roll.

Kelster Jean

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