no bummer summer.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Welcome official start of summer!  Yah!  I'm pretty excited for you as long as you please promise to be better than last year's summer.  Alex has been really good this year and has only played volleyball once so far, so it looks like we are on track to have an injury-free summer.  And just in case, we have Aflac.  QuackBut hope to not have to use it.

This pretty little album was created before the start of Summer 2013 (and pre-injury).  It sat untouched for the entire summer and is feeling a little lonely.  It is longing for memories and stories to be placed inside.  And it's not my nature to neglect something right? (haha).  This year I decided to work on finishing this album instead of starting another one for Summer 2014.  Not sure where my Summer 2014 memories are gonna go, but I'll find a place for them.  We love all memories equally and they all deserve a good home.

How are you documenting your summer memories?

Kelster Jean  

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  1. Hope you get to put lots of things in your pretty album.

  2. So cute! Can't wait to see it all filled!!!!


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