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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Raise your hand if you're awesome.  Now raise your hand if you THINK you're awesome.  (EVERYONE reading this should be raising their hands by now)I definitely feel awesome most days, but sometimes it's nice to have a little reminder of just how awesome we are.  A great little reminder of this is to play along with the Awesome Ladies Project.  I did last month and my percentage of awesomeness has definitely risen a significant amount.  (fist pump!)

If you know me, you know that mini albums are #numberuno in my book.  But sometimes they take a long time to complete and I like the thrill of feeling like I accomplished something.  Que this little mini book, inspired by Kristin's washi mini album.  It's simple, it's easy, and best of all, it's DONE!

3 of the photos are from our night at Beat Kitchen last month when my BFF's guy's new band, The Fall Four, played with AM Taxi.  Yeah for scrapping recent photos!  FYI, Beat Kitchen is now my fav venue so definitely check out some live music there.  The fourth photo is from when the Hawks were knocked out of the playoffs.  Alex's pouty lip always makes me laugh.  I don't think it has the same affect that mine does. :)

Check out The Awesome Ladies Project and play along next month.  It's coming up!  Album created with an older Citrus Twist kit.

Kelster Jean 

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  1. Cute!! Love the cover and how simple and awesome this mini book is. ;) Mini books are the best.

  2. Cte book. I love it and that is simple and something I think I could actually complete.

  3. Kelly, your book is adorable. Love everything about it!

  4. I'm not awesome *wink* ... I love love love love this!! Awesome photos!!!!!

  5. So cute! (And I love the washi as binding)


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