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Monday, June 23, 2014

Our apartment is a full happy little home since this girl came to live with us.  Now we're rocking a crazy little family with two bunnies, a bear (you tell me that Chow Chow faces don't totally look like little bears), and two humans.  We spend most of our free time now going for doggie walks, trying not to step on a wagging tail or a bunny running at full speed, and yelling at our "kids" to stop antagonizing each other.  Believe me, it happens.

Alex and I laugh that just before we got her, we talked about wanting another furry critter, but decided not to since it would be hard to find one that gets along with the bunnies.  Well here she is and she doesn't mind the bunnies at all.  Now Alex calls her "MY DOG" and wrestles with her all over the floor.  What did we ever do without her?

Anyone else love this scene from Modern Family?  It's one of our favs.  "It's DOG EAT DOG world."  In a few weeks, my brother and his new wife are coming to stay with us for a week.  I'm super excited and can hardly contain my excitement.  That means we're going to have 4 humans, a bear, and two bunnies in a 1,500 square foot space.  Eeek!  We're going to have to be extra careful then not to step on doggie tails since her favorite place to lay is in the middle of the floor where all the action is. :)

Kelster Jean

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