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Monday, May 19, 2014

{found on Pinterest.  Original link here}.
I came across this photo on Pinterest and it immediately caught my eye.  It reminded me sooo much of me as a little girl: big curls and big eyes...and big dreams.  Today I am sharing with you the reveal of my new blog, a big dream of mine.  I started my blog on a whim several years ago and had no idea how much I would enjoy blogging or where it would take me.  I have grown with my blog and my blog has grown with me.  It is so much more than just my little piece of "home" on the internet.  This blog holds my creations, my emotions, and most of all, my memories.
The fabulous Miss Kaelah Bee is the designer of this beautiful new blog.  I have been a big fan of her's and have been following her blog for several years now.  I had been dabbling in DIY blog design for so long, and was always changing things around.  I finally got sick of it and wanted something that was just FOR ME, that reflected MY STYLE and WHAT I BLOG ABOUT.  So here it is!

Working with Kaelah was amazing!!  She took everything I wanted into consideration and it only took TWO DRAFTS to get it right.  Can you believe she drew the little stitching and frame around my profile photo?!  And the little tape strips?!  LOVE!!!  Originally, we had an arrow background in the same color, but it was a little too busy, especially if I'm sharing detailed photos of paper projects.  So we switched it a very large zig zag background.  And it was perfect!!

Along with my new blog design, I will be sharing some new content as well.  I had been neglecting my blog a bit the last couple months.  When I saw the preview for my new beautiful blog, I found myself unmotivated to write on my old design that I just wasn't in love with.  But I have SO MANY IDEAS running through my head and SO MUCH written down that I want to share.  I hope you will stick around to see what's coming!

Kelster Jean

PS: Please check out and contact Kaelah if you are interested in a blog design or re-design.  Her prices were very reasonable (and will even set up payment plans that work for you!), she is super nice and patient (because I needed that), and she definitely knows her shit!  She is the bomb diggety!

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  1. It's beautiful - a perfect reflection of you!

  2. So cute! I want to redo my blog soooo bad, but I am going to be going to college for graphic design so I hope I eventually learn how to do it on my own! We'll just have to see about that! :)

    1. Yes you will! The designer I worked with had a graphic design background also.

  3. love the new blog and love the pic--I thought it might be a relative of yours!

    1. haha unfortunately no but isn't she the cutest!


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