Our birthiversary.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

This love.
This photo: circa 2012.
Today is our birthiversary, as Alex has now donned it.  I call it our Triple Threat: Alex's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and (of course) April Fool's Day (which we really don't partake in, so who cares).  So birthiversary probably is the proper word for our day.  I am completely in awe that it has been three years since we stood outside on a cold and snowy April 1st for the shortest wedding ceremony ever.  In our black wedding attire, and my black veil with my black flowers.  It was the most perfect wedding day!

And can't forget this guy's 28th birthday!  I honestly don't know what I did in another life to deserve him, but I am thankful everyday.  Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without him, but I can't even imagine it, nor do I even want to think about it for a second.  We are lucky enough to both have off this night, so we are spending it together.  Maybe at a dinner or over a glass of wine.  Maybe just cuddling in bed.  Who knows?  But the best part is that we get to spend it together.  Just the two of us.

Love like crazy or not at all

And I wanted to write tons of sappy things about how great he is and how much he means to me, but I usually tend to save that for my scrapbooks.  So instead, I will tell you the story of the photo above.  I almost didn't want to share this photo because it is so personal to me.  But I wanted to show our love.  This was taken on a stressful weekend.  When the roof collapsed on our old apartment building and we had only a few days to move to a new place.  It was one of those packing and movings where you just start throwing stuff in unmarked boxes and "we'll figure out later what it is.This was one of our most stressful times.  But in this moment, when we just collapsed on the bed with exhaustion (and without bed sheets I might add!), my camera was sitting on the bed facing us, and we just decided to snap a few.  And Alex didn't argue or fight me on it.  He just went with it.  And this photo was taken.  No make-up, no dress-up or hair prettiness, just me and him...and our love.  Our love for each other that gets us through every tough situation.  Our love that says "Hold my hand real tight and we'll get through this together."  Like always.

And this is the way we try to live our lives together every day.  And even though I know you don't read my blog, happy anniversary baby.  And happy birthday!  I love you every day, forevermore.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Happy birthiversary!!! Gorgeous lo!!!

  2. Happy Birthiversary to you & your hubby! Hope you two have a great day! Such a sweet photo of you two & I Love all the different hearts on your LO!

  3. Girl! That is such a sweet photo! :) Y'all are so cute. Happy birthiversary!

  4. happy birthday and congrats:) So happy for you :)

  5. Happy birthday/anniversary! You two make me smile. You are so cute!

  6. You're adorable together! Happy Anniversary/Birthday!

  7. I've always said I wanted a black wedding dress just because it's my favorite color! If you aren't kidding, i need to see these pictures!!! That's an adorable picture of you two and an even cuter layout.

    1. Hey Nicole, yes definitely! I can send you a few photos! Send me an email and I'll reply with a few: kelsterjean@gmail.com


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