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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Hello April
My Grandma's plum tree in her backyard-taken several years ago.
April, I'm excited for you!  January and February were a little rough for us.  March, we started getting back on track.  And now I'm excited!  Some great things are going to happen in April!  Here's some things going on and some intentions for April.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Start Spanish lessons with Rosetta Stone.
  • Send out long-overdue snail mail.
  • Dabble in some new projects.
  • Launch new blogs.
  • Hangouts and meet-ups.

I've got a number of things going on this month that are getting me all riled up.  I've already started my spring cleaning by purging clothes and memorabilia.  I have too much of both.  I was inspired by Caroline Joy's new Un-Fancy blog and immediately went through my closet.  It was so refreshing!  My Dad also generously gave me his copy of Rosetta Stone Spanish to brush up on my Espanol.  Now to figure out which day of the week to fit it in.

Other amazing things going on this month are trying some new projects, including Project Life (my first time!) and Currently, inspired by rukristin.  I'm also finally revealing that I am in the process of building a new blog!  I'm super super excited for this and can't wait to launch it.  It's been in the works for over a month now and I'm just ready to get it running!  That's almost as exciting as the last thing on my list.  Heather Sweet, the amazing lady I share Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges with, and I will be meeting up at the end of April for a scrapbook class taught by Ms. Teresa Collins herself!  Not only am I excited because this is the first time Heather and I will be meeting in person, but I am a mega huge fan of Teresa Collins and cannot wait to meet her!

So that's all the excitement around here.  Do you have anything big going on in April?

Kelster Jean 


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  1. Ohhhhhh sounds like you are going to be having a fantastic month!!!!

  2. Sounds like a good month! :) My brother is getting married at the end of this month, which is SUPER exciting, but besides that I don't really have anything going on.

  3. Lovely snapshot. You sound busy, good luck building the new blog.

  4. SOunds like a great month. My plans are to finish painting and decorating my bedroom and bath, finish organizing fabric and maybe brush up on some math to take a placement test for businees classes.

  5. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on!


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