Twine projects: revealed

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hi dearies!  As promised, I'm sharing the full reveal of the two twine projects I shared at Practical Scrappers yesterday.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by Practical Scrappers to check out the lovely projects we shared!  Can I tell you a little secret?  I only own a ball-full of twine.  Yep, that's right.  These projects were created with just a little rolled up (and tangled) ball-full of twine that I received from wrapped gifts and kits.  (I LOVE that Citrus Twist always wraps their kits in twine!)

I really love this card!  I used to create handmade flowers all the time and then the excitement kinda faded away.  But hopefully it's back now that spring is coming!  For these little rosettes, I used Cosmo Cricket Glubers, which makes it super easy to create handmade flowers.  The bottom left rosette is french-braided and the purple rosette (bottom right) and aqua-marine rosette (top left) are twisted (just two strands of twine twisted over each other).  Besides the braided twine, I also tried another new-to-me technique by using my Martha Stewart envelope board and bone folder to "emboss" two lines at the top of the card.  I think I saw this idea somewhere, but can't remember where.  If you know, please share!

For this second idea, I once again tried the braided twine look, except this time I used three different colors: pink, green, and yellow.  I braided a super-long strand of twine, nearly two feet, and used it to attach my gift tag to this present.  Just a simple and cute little way to add some color.  (Oh, AND this present will be making an appearance in someone's mailbox, but I'm not naming any names!)

I hope you enjoyed these twine projects and it inspired you to get creating with some extra pieces of twine!

Kelster Jean


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  1. Love love love love these!!! Those twine flowers are AWESOME!!!!!!!

  2. Lovely projects. I love the way you used my favorite scrappy item.


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