Easy peasy: heart garland and cake jars

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last weekend, we celebrated my sister's 30th birthday.  She's been fretting over turning 30 for a while, so I wanted to make it a big deal since she was making it one!!  Usually around birthdays (and Christmas and every other holiday known to man), I get super ambitious and start planning all of these DIY ideas that I never end up completing.  I guess I really don't know how to say "No," even to myself!  So anyways, I love the Dear Lizzy blog and am often pinning inspiring ideas from her.  I saw two ideas on her blog recently that I definitely wanted to try.  And they seemed easy peasy.  Great!  Something I could accomplish in a short amount of time!

One of my fav projects was this triangle garland.  Just shapes and stitching.  LOVE!  So, I created it using my Fiskars heart punch and (of course!) Dear Lizzy Neopolitan paper.  And black stitching.  I am LOVING the black stitching.  At first, I was kinda upset when I saw that my hubby put it in the sewing machine (yes, my hubby sews.  I'm a lucky gal) to hem his pants, but now I love it and have been using it like crazy on all of my projects!  It shows up so much better than white and adds the perfect little touch.

The second project I loved from Dear Lizzy's blog was her post about cake jars.  Seriously, I suck at cooking.  Alex makes all of the dinners and most of everything we eat.  But baking?  I love to bake!  I guess it comes from my Grandma.  I have been wanting to try these for a while so I'm super happy I did.  And guess what?  Easy peasy also!  The recipe is easy and it was super easy pretty-ing up the jars!!!  Just a circle punch and (again) some Dear Lizzy Neopolitan patterned paper.  (Because, really, everything had to match).

We used Ball jars for the cake jars that we purchased at Menards.  (Everything we own comes from Menards, I swear).  It was only $9.00 for a case of 12.  BARGAIN!  The cake recipe for the cake jars was super easy to follow, although I will admit that my cake didn't come out aannyywwhheerre near as pretty as the ones in Lizzy's post.  Which is why I conveniently left out a photo of the finished cake jars.  Let's just say that I'm not that experienced with applying fancy icing AND I cut the hole in the sandwich bag a little too large for the pretty, neat icing application I was SUPPOSED to have.  But oh well!  I tried and, hey, even though it looked messy, they were super yummy and my sister loved them.  So there!

All in all, two easy DIY projects that didn't take a lot of time but were super fun and pretty.  Win win!!!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Very cool!!!!!!!!! i am loving those goodies for her big day!!!!!


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