Currently and Weekend Snapshots

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

(from left to right):
*What my hubby thinks of my constant photo-taking.  (Seriously, he hates photos!)
*Hobo Skillet and hazelnut coffee=perfect Saturday morning breakfast.
*Selfie (and my phone looks huge in here because, well, it is).
*Our local marketa.  I love it so much and they sell THE BEST Mexican food.
*Our bunnies together (a dream come true!).  Let's see how long they get along for...
*Snow snow everywhere.  The open cornfields are beautiful though.
*Our favorite local spot-Southern Belle's.

It's Wednesday which means half the week is over.  Yet here I am sharing last weekend's photos.  My hubby and I have been trying to get back to normal after a pretty stressful few weeks.  The details I will keep private but the end result is that we will be staying in our current rented home.  We are so happy about this and are taking our time getting things back to normal.  On Saturday, despite the all-day snowfall, we decided to take a mental health day.  We got dressed and hopped in the car at 8:00 in the morning.  We enjoyed breakfast together at our favorite local spot, Southern Belle's, where we both ordered skillets.  Now, mind you, I am a person that HATES having my food mixed together, but I figured I would take a leap and ordered a skillet, a dish where everything is mixed together!  I must admit, it was pretty dang yummy!!  It was called a Hobo Skillet and had eggs, hash browns, and cheese in it.  That's it.  Super good!  (And the leftovers were even better).  We then picked up my mother-in-law and spent the day shopping.  Like literally all day.  Didn't get home until 7:00 p.m. and enjoyed some super yummy homemade pizza that my father-in-law made.  I'm slowly starting to realize how truly spoiled I am....Sunday, my Dad and Sis came over so my Dad could do our taxes (not fun at all) and my Sis helped me unpack and organize my scrap room back to normal.  It was so nice having her help because seriously, when I'm alone, I'm lazy as heck....We ate super yummy home-cooked Mexican food and (of course!) watched the Olympics.  Really definitely the weekend I needed to get back to normal.

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