all things thrifty: my $8 purse!!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

I love a good dealWhen me and my hubby go to stores, we always look at the clearance items first.  And we always brag when we get a good deal.  So for this week's All Things Thrifty post, I thought I would share with you my new purse I found at Target for $8 dollars!!  I ran to the local Target on my lunch hour at work yesterday so I could pick up another bottle of hairspray and some makeup remover pads.  And since I was going, I thought I should look for some Valentines items and why not look for a new purse while I'm there?  (Doesn't one thing just always turn into 20???)

During my 9 to 5 hour days, I carry a large lunch bag, but also carry a purse in case I want to run out somewhere during my lunch hour or grab a bite to eat with the girls.  I had an older Converse purse I purchased at Target a few years ago and it was literally starting to fall apart.  So while I was at Target, I quickly browsed the piles of bags and wallets and found this baby!!  I'm totally in love!!!  I immediately loved the color (which is actually a dark brown/purple-ish color) and it also had everything I look for in a purse: 1) lots of pockets 2) a long strap so I can wear it like a messenger bag 3) a floppy-type form since I throw mine around...  And how about those metal hexagons on the front?  I love hexagons!  Who sees hexagons in a purse?  That's awesome!  It made it so much better when I looked at the tag and it was only $8.  How do you beat that?

Have you found any good clearance items lately?

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  1. Very cool! I bought a purse similar to that a coupe of weeks ago at Target. I just can't decide if I like the floppiness of the purse. :/ But my most recent good deal is some workout pants I bought at Walmart for $3. Just what I was looking for! I love good deals! :)

  2. This was a great find! I love shopping sales and clearance racks too. :)


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