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Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello dearies and happy Monday!!  Here in the Midwest we are experiencing extremely cold temps.  Our regular temp today is -3(f)!  I myself am at home today snowbound as in our area, we have 25 to 40 mph winds and four foot snow drifts.  Oh, winter!  Anyways, since I am hoping, dreaming, praying, longing of warmer weather, I thought I would finally share with you a mini album I created last year for some dear friends of mine.  They had a destination wedding in Mexico and I wanted to make them a wedding album they could keep on their coffee table to show off.

The mini album I used is by Simple Stories.  I really love their albums because I can combine page protectors with regular, non-protected pages for a different look.  I really wanted the album to be interactive and have lots to look at!  For the cover, I used acrylic paint by Ranger to paint the 'sand,' then used a spray adhesive and added real sand.  Yep, that's real sand and shells!  (The shells are actually from Florida that my mother-in-law brought home for me).

For this page, I painted with white watercolors to take a little of the brightness away.  Then, I stamped "Let's Fly Away" on the cloud in the corner.  There is also a vellum cloud underneath the names (sorry it's a little hard to see).

I really love the different types of pages in this album: paper, chipboard, page protectors, and different-sized protectors.  I definitely wanted a variety.  This is a chipboard page painted white with a few layered embellishments.  The cloud is fussy-cut from the cloud paper above and the vellum heart is a hand-sewed pocket with confetti in it!

In the past, mini albums have been hard to create without photos.  But this one was a breeze since I knew what colors the photos would have (cue the beachy yellows and blues)There were quite a few pages that I left alone in this album.  I didn't want the album to seem too busy or cluttered.  Some of them, like this page, were just fine with no added detail.

What I found the most challenging about creating this album is embellishing.  I had to make sure I wasn't covering photos and still allowed for the photos mats to be taken out so they could be replaced with the actual photos.  For the left page, I did simple layering, while for the right page, I stitched embellishments on top of the transparency in the middle seam.

I just love layering on top of page protectors.  It is such a great way to add texture and not have everything in your album be flat.  (Because really, who wants a flat mini album?)

Some pages, like this one, were a little tricky.  You see, the brads are on the outside of the page protector, while the rest of the page is underneath.  So in order to insert the photo for this page, you would have to reach in and undo do the brads before removing the page.  While it can be a pain, it seems so worth it for this pretty goodness!

I added the photo from their wedding reception invitations to the album.  I was so happy to be able to include at least one photo in the album before I gifted it to them!  I really love how some of the Simple Stories pages are already printed, like the page on left.  It makes it look like YOU did the layering!  A great way to use brads through chipboard (page on right) is to cut off the backings and use a pop-dot to stick them on.

If you don't have photos to go with your album, creating already sized photo mats and stamping a camera is a great way to signify where the photo should go.  For the photo mats in this album, I cut them to size so the photo will go right over the mat.

I loved creating my own pocket to go inside the page protector on the left, where I inserted the couple's wedding ceremony program.  It's so easy to create by just adhering a square on three sides!  Try to keep the adhesive close to the edge so it won't stick to what you put in the pocket.  It's also nice to have some blank journaling spots so the recipient(s) can journal their own story!

Sometimes even though the album is for someone else, you can't help but add little touches of yourself.  You are the creator, after all.  For the page on right, I just had to add a quote I saw when my hubby and I first got married: May I have this dance for the rest of my life?

One of my biggest achievements with this album is, despite this being a wedding album, I didn't use one wedding-themed product!  I really love that while this album's main focus was the wedding, it really was about the love and joy that come from having a wedding and marrying someone you love!

With an album this large (and no photos), it's best to repeat as much as possible to create cohesion.  In this album, I used the same colors, patterned paper, embellishments (ribbon, doilies, etc.) over and over again.

I like my projects detailed, so for me the pages in this album were a little simple.  I was happy though that I was still able to sneak in layering here and there to pretty up the album!

I love how this album just oozed love and happiness!  At the end of the album, behind the butterfly die cut page, I added a Simple Stories pocket that had a zipper to keep it closed.  I wanted to include this pocket so the couple could keep extra memorabilia in here from the wedding.  In this photo, an extra RSVP card is in the pocket.

This album was quite a project and took quite a long time to complete.  In the end, I was happy to hand it over!  The best gift really was seeing my friends look through the album and admire my work.  They really loved it so much and couldn't wait to fill it up and display it!  Thank you for making it through this super-long post.  Extra brownie points for you!  I hope I inspired you to get creating today!

Kelster Jean

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  1. very cool! i am sure they loved it!

  2. brownie points for you ! That's a wonderful gift. Very nice !

  3. Love this! What a beautiful gift. I'm sure they were ecstatic to receive it! I don't think I could make an album without photos…seems too daunting!

  4. This is awesome! Love how you added the sand texture to the cover!

  5. I love this album! It's absolutely gorgeous and so thoughtful! I can't imagine how difficult it is to make a mini album without pictures, but I'll be taking on that task soon when I make a baby album for my best friend...I may be calling you up!

  6. What a sweet mini, love the fun, bright patterns you used and the cover is awesome!

  7. Fantastic gift! It turned out great. I really love the front cover!!

  8. So pretty! I seriously don't think I could pick a favorite page. It's all awesome! :)

  9. What a special present! I love the sandy cover and the touches of paint throughout!

  10. Such a sweet gift.
    I am sure they will treasure this beautiful album you made for them
    I used these page protectors for my December Daily and had such a great time putting them together.


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