Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenge: December Albums!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Hello dearies and happy 2014!!!!  Heather and I are back with our first Just Two Midwest Girls challenge for the new year.  Sadly, we didn't have anyone link up to our last challenge {holiday cards}.  We're convinced it's because of the busy holidays.  Didn't it just sneak right up on you?  That's why this week's challenge is perfect for all of us scrappers that are a little behind on our December memories: DECEMBER ALBUMS!!!!  Yep, that's right.  Heather and I are sharing pages from our December albums.  Let this be your motivation to complete a few pages in your December album and link those babies up!  Or, if you're already done (you deserve extra applause, first of all), link it up so we can take a look at that goodness!
For my December album, I am not actually documenting each day in December, but rather am only documenting the days that have memories.  Kinda random but that's just who I am!  For my album, I am using the December Memories Kit from Citrus Twist (CT) and the Dear Lizzy Memorology album from American Crafts.

My title page: on a polka-dotted transparency.  The transparency came with my album.  All of the paper and embellies are from the CT kit.  A good title page idea is to create a "frame" with washi tape and add your title in the middle with a few embellies!

Pages two and three: I included a "Christmas wishlist" with what my hopes were for this season.  The right page is a kraft envelope that I stitched on and added a photo of me and my hubby.  This is a page dedicated to Thanksgiving, November 28.  I always like to include Thanksgiving and Black Friday in my albums because these are very special moments for me and hubby.

Page four: For the back of the envelope, I added burlap and a journaling spot.  I typed some of my journaling and wrote some throughout the album.  Try to include your handwriting in your albums.  Even though you may not like it now, you will love looking back on your handwritten notes!

Page five and six (I skipped November 29th for now as it was Black Friday and I lost the photos I printed for that day.  Ooops!):  Putting up the lights with my father-in-law.  I evenly cut the bottom photo because it was too long for one square page protector.  I also included a little story about how my father-in-law washed the windows while he was up on the ladder!  And my first page for December.  The "merry" was already printed on the patterned paper and I just embellished around it!

Page seven and eight: (I must say now before anything to please excuse my bleeped swear word.  Sometimes my hubby and I can have a rough sense of humor).  I loved the idea from the CT printable class to include a Calendar of Events.  I will add a few more dates for the month later.  And our beloved tree!  Oh how we love thee!!  A branch fell off when we were putting our tree up and I eagerly kept it for my album.  I cut a hole at the bottom so it would fit, decorated the page, then sewed all around to seal it in and keep it flat.

Page nine and ten:  Another page dedicated to our beloved new tree and I also included the journaling for the vulgar statement on the previous page.  (Basically, after bugging the heck out of my hubby asking what he wants for Christmas, he said THAT.  Yep, had to scrap that!)  I included the receipt for our tree.  Try including as much memorabilia in your album as you can!  Page ten is a short page: December 2nd, about preparing my December album.  In mini albums, my pages always have to be different sizes.

Pages ten and eleven:  The back of the short page is more journaling.  Because the page was short, I stitched it to a border and then punched holes in the border.  This is a great way to extend your page a little bit wider!  The right page features when we decorated our tree.  Adding little embellies in the corner of the page was the perfect touch!  December 4th.

Page twelve and thirteen:  I love watching holiday movies!  National Lampoon's Christmas is my ultimate fav so I had to give it it's own page!  The snowflakes on the page were already printed on there.  For the right page, I didn't need a whole page for the one little story, so I used stitching to separate the page into two portions.  I added sequins and buttons to create a border and emphasize the separation.  Try using a border to split a full page into two pages!

Page thirteen and fourteen: We have literally gotten pounds of snow this winter so far....POUNDS.  Stories about snow are going to show up lots in my album this year.  The previously painted white on my pages really helped with scrapping this page!  I also embellished directly on the photo (an idea from the CT printable class).  For the right page, I  cut a double page protector in half, added some embellies, and stitched it close.  This page doesn't have a date, but remember that you don't have to have a date for each page.  Sometimes, it's nice to just have pretty designs to go with your album.

And that is all I've gotten done so far.  Usually, I'm totally stressing about being behind. But, since this year I'm taking my time, I'm totally loving how my album is coming out!  Hopefully I can be done by the end of January!  Now hop on over to Heather's blog and look at her stunning album she created along with participating in Journal Your Christmas!


Now it's your turn!  Link up some pages of your December album in the comments of my blog or Heather's blog for a chance at a $5 Two Peas gift card!!  Please remember: 1) Your album can be a current project or past project!  2)  You can link up from your blog, Flickr account, or other gallery! 3)  Your submitted project can be one page or twenty!  It is totally up to you!  We just want to see your work!!!  You have until January 16th at 8:00 p.m. (C.S.T.) to link up your project.  Can't wait to see what you share!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Fun! Love your pages. I think it's cool that you added a piece of your tree and awesome the you quoted what you or your husband were saying. It's who we are that we're remembering right? Love it!!

  2. OMG! Love these pages! I like the piece of the tree you included in your album. I like the sewing and your style is really showing, this "messy" mix of supplies and techniques, but still beautiful! Love it!

  3. Love your album. I am sorry I never got to link up my card in time. However I did make one but forgot to post it. I will for sure post mine in time for this challenge sine I have been finishing up my dd.

  4. Looks AWESOME!!!! I just posted mine today so I will link up!!!!

  5. Here is mine :) http://thetuckerwolekclan.blogspot.com/2014/01/december-daily-completed-using-bella.html

  6. Here is mine! http://amandashabits.blogspot.com/2013/12/december-mini-album-completed.html

  7. Love your albums! Here is a link to the one I made last year, since most years are the same for us, this is probably the only one I'll do!

  8. Hey Kelly Jean - nothing like coming in JUST UNDER THE WIRE! I hope it's not too late - LOL

  9. Here is my post. Sorry. missed the deadline. http://mjskraze.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-dec-daily.html


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