So this is Christmas....

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Rather, I should be saying "So this was Christmas..." since it is now New Years Eve and I am finally sharing some photos from Christmas.  On the day that was supposed to be our fourth Christmas dinner, my hubby was very sick with a virus.  He's doing a lot better now after three days of over-the-counter drugs and lots of TLC.  So, we will be celebrating our fourth dinner tomorrow.  Christmas doesn't always have to be on or around Christmas, right?

I must say that Christmas 2013 was a very sweet one: not nearly as hectic as usual and hubby and I had a lot more time to sit and enjoy our family.  On Christmas Eve, we visited my Grandparents' nursing home.  We had a nice room to ourselves and this was the first time I got to see my brother since he arrived home the previous week.  Seeing him was the single best Christmas gift this season!  I've been making it a point to take a group family photo each year.  So far we're two for two on the 'group family photo.'  Bazinga!  I also made it a point to take a few 'not looking at the camera' photos this year.  I really love how the below three came out: my Mom showing my brother old photos of our family, and my sister and cousin spending time together.  They're besties!

We always have two dinners on Christmas Eve.  I don't mind it because I really enjoy both of them very much.  The second dinner is on hubby's side and always drags long into the night.  I love that we honor some of the Polish traditions like breaking the Oplatek, and play Steal the Present and sit on Santa's lap.  Every year I beg my hubby to take photos with Santa, so I'm thrilled these were captured!  (And I especially love the left photo of my hubby with Santa because this year, Santa was played by his brother!)


Most of Christmas Day was spent visiting Alex's Grandma and Great Aunt at their respective nursing homes.  Before I left home, I spent the morning wrapping gifts and watching 24 hours of a Christmas Story.  Being able to watch the entire movie in one sitting is like winning the lottery!  While I was out, my hubby took some photos of our bunnies, Murphy and Maria, exploring underneath the Christmas tree.  Our gift to them was giving them access under the tree, which was off limits all the other days our tree was up.

Definitely not another get-together, but the day after Christmas, my brother, cousins, and I went exploring in downtown Chicago.  I find Chicago simply magical during the holiday season and we went to the Bean, visited Marshall Field's (now known as Macy's, but will always be Marshall Field's to true Chicagoans) and the Christmas Tree, and went ice skating.  We bought Frango Mints (my favorite chocolate ever!) and did tons and tons of walking.  By the end of the day, we were completely exhausted!  

The following day, I visited my other Grandparents.  I know I am more than blessed to have all four of my Grandparents still around and never take advantage of that.  Being able to squeeze so much family time into my holiday makes my heart endlessly happy.  But now we say farewell to the holiday and farewell to 2013.  So, I wish you and yours a very happy 2014!!

Kelster Jean

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  1. Great pics!!!! LOVING the Santa ones!! Brian's family is Polish too and we do a lot of Polish traditions on Christmas Eve!! Happy New Year!!!


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