December's Little Moments

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December is usually when my blog posts slow down a bit.  I spend more time off the computer and spend more time on Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, decorating, visiting family, and preparing for the Christmas holiday.  This year, I've been making sure to document all of it to share in my December Daily album.  I've been capturing all of December's little moments and wanted to drop in and share some with you.

Our first tree as a married couple, two years late.
Putting up lights on the house with my father-in-law is becoming a family tradition.  And our new tree pre-decorations.  It's a Carson pine (artificial).
The "after photos" of my in-laws' house.  I think my father-in-law and I make a great team.  What do you think?  And (bottom right) festive scratch tickets for Saint Nicholas Day.
These were almost our Christmas cards.  I wanted them sooo bad!!!  And a peppermint mocha anyone?  This one was super yummy!

Very excited for our holiday cards, printed from Target this year (and very happy with the result).  Also, putting our tree together, and enjoyed one of my favorite holiday movies!

And finally, here in Illinois, we've already seen three snowfalls!  I really love snow and have been enjoying all the moments when I don't have to drive in it.  It's soft and fluffy!

Are you enjoying documenting your December so far?  I'd love if you share a link so I can check it out on your blog.

Kelster Jean

PS: *Just a reminder, you have until this Friday, December 20th to link up to our Holiday Card challenge.  Please check out the details and link up for a chance at a $5 gift card.
*Looking for some tips on December Daily albums?  You can find a few here.


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  1. Wonderful moments captured. Your tree looks great!

  2. Fun to see the pictures - my favorite is of your house with the snow blowing!!

  3. Loving the photos!! Looks like a great season for you!!

  4. Great job on capturing the season! I'm supposed to be doing Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas this year but, so far, I'm failing miserably! I think a daily photo might be a more realistic goal for me at this point

  5. Oh, love your photos! Your bokeh is perfect!

  6. I love the photos :) I want to thank you so much for your well wishes and prayers. It really means the world to me. You should know that Friday is my LAST day and then I will be back to my old job. I can't wait. I will be back to scrapping more and I will be happy again!! :) I hope to stop by your blog much more. Thanks and Merry Christmas :)


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