thankful heart and a last minute Thanksgiving favor idea.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Hello dearies!  I wanted to drop in and wish you and your family and friends and furries and everyone else a Happy Thanksgiving!  I made it a point this year to live with a more thankful heart and I truly feel like I am well on my way to accomplish this.  Today, I will be having dinner with my in-laws, but will be thinking of the rest of my family, those closer to home and farther away, and my brother overseas (who will be coming home in a few weeks!)  To have food, clothes, a home to live in, healthy bunnies to cuddle with, an amazing guy to help me get through life, and a regular paycheck, I live with a thankful heart.

Now onto something a little less serious.  Are you looking for a last minute Thanksgiving favor idea?  I have a quick and easy one for you!  I created these treat bags a few weeks ago.  I couldn't decide what to put in them (like we need more treats today when we'll have tons and tons of food), so I decided to print photos to place in the favor bags.  Not only does the favor last because it is a photo they can put on their desk or hang up somewhere, but it also adds to the thankfulness that is Thanksgiving.

I added a mailing label to the back of the bags and stamped "grateful for you" on it, then wrote in their names.  If you don't have time for favor bags, you can also add a photo to pre-cut tags, journaling spots, doilies, or other die cuts.  The key to short timing projects is LAYERS!  It always makes it look like you spent lots of time on it.

I can't wait for my family to see these later today.  I really hope they love them!!  And I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you get to enjoy all of the amazing little moments this holiday brings.  

Kelster Jean

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