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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello dearies!! Happy Wednesday before Thanksgiving!  I am happy to report that I am off today through next Tuesday, so I am going to take good advantage of every minute and enjoy doing things I love.  Today, I wanted to drop in and share with you some of my favorite blogs on my Reading List.  My number one favorite thing to do when I go on the internet is to read blogs.  There is so much learning, inspiration, and drooling to be had on blogging.  Most of my blog design and ideas have been inspired (not copied, but inspired) by other bloggers.  I am sharing with you today my ultimate favs.  These are my first go-to blogs that I love to read.  So, if you have some time on this long week/weekend, why not check out a few new blogs?


(from left-top to bottom-right)

  • Art as Life.  This girl makes pretty, glamorous things with paper.  Her photos are ever-inspiring, she owns her own Etsy shop, and is endlessly talented.  Check out her blog if you want to drool over pretty little details made with paper.
  • Bluebird Chic. I followed this blog at Amusing to Create and now she has started a second blog, Bluebird Chic.  She has an amazing scrapbook style and I love the clean look of her blog (that is similar to my own).  Check out her blog if you're looking for some crafty inspiration.
  • Pretty Paper, True Stories. Some of you may already follow Shimelle's blog, but I just had to include her.  She shares amazing ideas for scrapbooking, challenges, and lots of amazing articles to help you create your memories.  Check out her blog if you want some fresh ideas for using your scrapbook stash.
  • Coffee and Pretty Paper.  I just had to include my girl Heather in this post.  (I do honestly read her blog all the time though).  She is new to the blogging world, but shares interesting posts such as Project Life Tuesday, Wishlist Wednesday, and has a pretty scrap style.  Check out her blog if you want some new ideas for PL, something to add to your wishlist, or looking for some scrappy inspiration.
  • Life. Love. Paper.  And finally,  I love this blog.  She shares awesome photos of her process, layouts, and pretty things from her shop.  She designs for Studio Calico and has an eye for little details.  Check out her blog for some on-your-desk inspiration and sneaks of her pretty layouts and shop items.

  • Dear Lizzy. This was my fav scrappy blog, but now that she is sharing more of her life and home, it has become my fav lifestyle blog.  She shares beautiful photos of her adorable kids and home and pretty DIY inspiration.  Check out her blog if you want to see some pretty inspiration and remember how joyous the little things in life can be.
  •  Smile and Wave.  One of my fav, fav blogs ever.  This amazing lady shares DIY projects (real DIY projects!), life with her kiddos while her husband is away (in the army), and the adventures of family life.  Check out her blog for the sweet little moments life has to offer. 
  • Little Chief Honeybee.  Probably the first lifestyle blog I started following (and the reason why I love these blogs so much), this amazing lady has amazing style (both fashion and around the home), is the ultimate self-employed small business owner, and has so many amazing talents.  Check out her blog to drool over all of her pretty dresses, the little details in her home and family life, and to check out (and possibly own) some of the amazing products she creates.
  • Bleubird.  I can't get enough of this blog.  She takes stunning amazing photos, including her 52 posts, which feature a portrait of her children once a week in 2013.  Check out her blog for beautiful photography and captures of amazing life adventures.
  •  Elise Blaha.  Some of you may recognize her name.  She has contributed to a few workshops at Big Picture Classes, designed the Seafoam collection for Project Life, and makes her own stamps.  She amazing.  Check out her blog, where she shares life with her new daughter, her small business process, and her everydays.
  • But we will stay.  It's hard to describe this blog because it's a lot of everything: every day life, cooking and baking, in-the-moment, thoughts and feelings.  I love the girl that writes this blog because I can relate to her so much and love how she conquers life.  Check out her blog if you're looking for something different, unique, and inspiring.
Majority of my hard-earned blog reading time comes from these blogs.  Alot of them can co-mingle into each other (the crafty blogs can also be considered lifestyle blogs, the lifestyle blogs are also DIY, fashion, and crafty blogs), but I categorized them by what I love about them.  I hope you enjoyed this post and found at least one new blog you love and will follow!

Kelster Jean

PS: Looking for some more lovely blogs?  Here's a few more that I really love:
  • A Beautiful Mess.  Great DIY/fashion blog.  They are also the designers of the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app.
  • Fash Boulevard.  I learned a lot of my fashion Do's and Do Not's from here.
  • Brewed Together.  An awesome DIY/fashion/lifestyle blog by a lady AND a gent!
  • Little Tree Vintage.  Probably my fav fashion blog right now.  Such cute and unique style.

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  1. Great list .. off to check these out!!!!

  2. wow! just stumbled across your blog from my comments. love the list! I follow some of those blogs as well! i'm in the process of putting together a bloggers networking group on facebook - stop by!


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