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Monday, November 25, 2013

sunrise between the blinds.  (completely unedited).

*thankful heart.  Enjoying taking photos of all of the little things I am thankful for.  (And surprised I have managed to take one photo each day of November so far). 

*snuggle time.  Cuddling in the blankets just a little bit longer since our highest temp lately has been 30 degrees. 

*good eats.  Preparing recipes and food shopping for Thanksgiving.  One that I'm trying this year.
*almost time.  Thinking and sketching out our handmade Christmas cards.
*so much fur.  Always cleaning up after the buns lately.  It's shedding season once again.
*Movember.  Still not sure about Alex's mustache, but only a few more days of it.

*treats for all.  Trying to decide what to fill our Thanksgiving favor bags with.
 *the magic.  Seeing everyone's holiday lights popping up and I'm hoping ours will this week.

*breathe.  Taking the time to breathe during this busy time, and enjoy the little moments.
*inspired by.  Always love these posts by Elise and inspired by her to create my own and remember these little moments.
 Happy Monday and happy short week for those with days off!!

Kelster Jean

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